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Alice In Wonderland (Feb 14 - Mar 2)


12 Performances!

February 14, 15, 21, 22, 28 & March 1 - 6:30pm
February 15, 16, 22*, 23 & March 1, 2 - 2:30pm
*Touch Tour and Audio-Described Performance
  (reservations required)

Adventures abound when Alice falls down the rabbit hole while chasing the White Rabbit. Follow her on a delightful journey that will take you to a Mad Hatter’s frenetic tea party, a chaotic croquet match with the Queen of Hearts, and a trial in which Alice must provide evidence about who stole the Queen’s tarts. Don't be late to this fantasy adventure with Alice!

Adventure based on the book by Lewis Carroll.
Written by Anne Coulter Martens.


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Special Playlet & "Tea Time" Breakfast!
Saturday, March 1 at 9:00am
Especially for ages 3 to 6
Kids will enjoy breakfast with characters, crafts, a brief scene and much more!
Tickets must be purchased in advance.

General Admission: $8
Reserved Seating: $12

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  • Call 848-8623 ($2.00 fee per order)
  • Box Office (M-F 9am to 4:30pm or 1 hour prior to shows)
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Sponsored in part by:

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Performers listed by Cast L, Cast C

CHESHIRE CAT: Tabitha Roth, Paige Gross
WHITE RABBIT: Bethany Wilt, Kyra Smith
ALICE: Tianna Seitz, Lauren Smith,
QUEEN OF HEARTS: April Bupp, Carol Oldenburg
CATERPILLAR/DIAMOND EIGHT: Jeffrey Wilt, George Stubbs
HEART TEN/TWEEDLEDEE: Isaac Clark, Aaron Kibler
CLUB EIGHT/TWEEDLEDUM: Jonathon Seitz, Elijah Kibler
FROG MAID/PUPPETEER: Hannah Adler, Ally Hudak
COOK/HEART SEVEN: McKenna Sylvester, Kristen Fraser
DUCHESS: Lauren Boyer, Sydney Fuhrman
CLUB SIX/GRYPHON: Kristin Endres, Corinthia Kessler
SPADE FOUR/MOCK TURTLE: Amber Nadine, Brhiannon Tracey
WHITE/HEART CHILD 1: Lilli Steelman, Olivia Guyer
PINK: Poppi Sacarellos, Lydia Alvarnaz
YELLOW: Hannah Kuzmiak, Katrena Wagner
TEAL/HEART CHILD 2: Hannah Kuhn, Sophie Fraser
BLUE/HEART CHILD 3: Catie Kiefer, Jordyn Myers
LAVENDER: Sophia Kearney, Dana Cutti
VIOLET/SPADE FIVE: Maria Kearney, Georgia Brown
ROSE/ SPADE SEVEN: Baylee Nace, Leah Jameson
HUMPTY DUMPTY/HEART TWO: Jonah Unger, Noah Whitmarsh
SPADE TWO: Christine Catterall, Trinity Jackson
CLUB THREE: Caity Dettinger, Olivia Putnam
CLUB NINE: Joe Woloson, Nehemiah Stubbs
EXECUTIONER: Thomas Clark, Todd Kessler
COURTIER PLEASANCE: Rebecca Sweigart, Laura Scott-Wise
LADY LORINA: Elaina Clark, Katy Partridge
LADY EDITH: Christy Baker, Erin Dunlap
MAD HATTER: Beth Spahr, Kara Gonzales
MARCH HARE: Scott Seitz, Kevin Alvarnaz
DORMOUSE: Samuel Woloson, Zachariah Kessler
KING OF HEARTS: Bryan Rizzo, Scott Fraser
KNAVE OF HEARTS: Chris Quattrocchi, Calvin Emery